Ducky's Pens

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Welcome to Ducky's Pens.

Handcrafted by Dave Owen in the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania. 

The seeds for Ducky's Pens, Etc. were sown at age 10.  In my 5th grade shop class, I turned a wooden bowl on a lathe and loved how I could start with a block of wood and create something special.  Throughout my adult life, I have continued to work with wood such as sign making.

I always enjoy using fine writing instruments because I feel they make a positive statement about me.  When I viewed a DVD about using a lathe to make pens and pencils, I saw this as my opportunity to create the fine writing instruments I love to use.  My pens and pencils are made from colorful acrylics, exotic hardwoods, antler and corian.

I have an affinity for ducks, especially the Mallard.  They are very colorful and fun to watch.  I wanted to utilize the Mallard duck somehow in my business and was at a loss as to how until I learned my father's nickname was "Ducky".  In honor of my father and a love for ducks --

Ducky's Pens, Etc was born.

My goal with Ducky's Pens is to create pens, pencils and other items that make people smile and have a warm feeling.  There is nothing more special and appreciated than a handcrafted item.  Should something go wrong with a pen from Ducky's, just return it for repair or replacement.  Please watch my site for additional items soon to be a part of my offerings.  Thank you for visiting Ducky's Pens and I look forward to the opportunity to be of service.